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By becoming a member of The Property Foundation you become part of the positive impact we are making on the South African landscape. Together we unlock land and provide buildings where they are most needed.

Membership fees contribute to the sustainability of The Property Foundation enabling donations received for projects to be spent 100% on the projects themselves.

Offer your Services / Skills

What sets The Property Foundation apart from other public benefit organisations is the intellectual property our members bring to this initiative. From town planners, to architects, to legal advisors, our members are our success. Together we can provide many services such as pro bono or on risk services which community projects require.


‘A little bit goes a long way’.  Every contribution, great or small helps to deliver great projects within communities.

Become an Advocate / Connect

The interconnected nature and the community involvement of our members is the life blood of The Property Foundation. Spread the word or connect us to someone who would like to get involved as together we can do more.

By becoming part of this initiative, you will assist not just TPF but society as a whole. We make it easy for you to create a much greater impact through collaboration.

What you will Contribute Towards:

Bridging the socio-economic divide:

The Economy
We assist projects which help entrepreneurs and business people develop sustainable businesses.
The Broader Society
We add value to projects and programmes which have a positive impact on education, health, arts & culture, sports & recreation, crime & safety, positive family values and more.
Through unlocking and developing land for community use, we are making a positive contribution to our society